Baseplate Kit 9999-9

We need this Vehicle!

Good news! We are currently searching for this vehicle to pattern for a new design. If you happen to have it, and can travel to our Vancouver, WA facility, we will provide you with a free Roadmaster baseplate, including free installation, for the use of your vehicle in patterning a new baseplate. If you are interested in this offer please email our baseplate coordinator Glenda Apple at [email protected]. Note: Due to web browser and email client restrictions, it may be necessary to copy and paste the email address instead. In the e-mail, please include a subject line that says *New vehicle pattern for baseplate design*, and also include your name, phone number and, if available, the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and the make and model. Our baseplate coordinator will contact you as soon as possible to arrange for you to come in. This offer is only valid until one customer per vehicle can fulfill our requirements.