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2017 RAM 2500 PICK-UP

Comments: 2wd & 4wd okay. Lower fascia must look like our pictures. No Power Wagon.

1Baseplate Kit 296-2

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Our baseplates allow you to attach a tow bar to your vehicle, adapting it for flat towing behind a motorhome.

Options: w/adj. pedals

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Bracket with arms installed
Front View

Entire View

Side View
Bracket with arms removed
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Tire Size: 275/70R18 Bar-mounted height: 18"

Note: Bar-mounted height may vary depending on submodel and/or tire size.

Baseplate Replacement Arms
The replacement baseplate arms for this vehicle have changed over time. For Roadmaster to identify the correct replacement arms for your baseplate, complete and return the Baseplate Arm Order Form: PDF

Install time: 2½ hours


  • Trimming of spoiler, air dam, bumper, grill or plastic fascia may be required on some models of this vehicle.
  • This is a direct-connect baseplate, to which any motorhome-mounted Roadmaster tow bar will attach. It neither uses nor will it accommodate Roadmaster's crossbar. As a result, there are no mounting points for Stowmaster tow bars, Guardians or Tow Defender part 4700. Tow Defender part #4750 will fit. In most cases, Roadmaster makes a crossbar version of this baseplate that will accommodate these products. Refer back to the fit guide to identify a crossbar version.

2Electrical Requirements

This category is for other useful information that we may know about this vehicle.

  1. Pull fuses?  NO
  2. Disconnect battery:  NO
  3. Drains battery when towing?  NO
  4. 12-Volt Outlet Kit required?  YES
  5. Color of brake light switch wire: OEM switch unusable. See Brake Light Switch section.
  6. Turn signal lighting is:  combined
  7. Can use Universal Wiring KitYES
  8. Can use a Bulb and Socket Kit?  NO


  • Some models of this vehicle may have LED taillights. If this is the case, bulb and socket kit 155 cannot be used.

3Brake Light Switch Kit

If the brake lights do not work with the towed vehicle's ignition key turned to the "tow" position, you need a brake light switch kit to provide a signal to the supplemental braking system. Roadmaster manufactures both vehicle-specific and universal brake light switch kits.


  • 751000
    Comments: This universal brake light switch fits all vehicles.
  • 751460
    Comments: This custom-fit brake light switch kit fits vehicles with non-adjustable brake pedals.

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If your vehicle drains the battery while towing, a FuseMaster can disconnect power to the fuses responsible for the drain.

FuseMaster Part(s):

  • Not Applicable

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5Seat Adapter

If you are installing a BrakeMaster supplemental braking system, you may need a seat adapter to mount it to your vehicle.

Note: the BrakeMaster mounting post is NOT included in the seat adapter kits.

SEAT ADAPTER (if applicable):

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6Supplemental Braking System

To be safe and legal, most states and Canadian provinces require a supplemental braking system for the towed vehicle.

Why do I need supplemental brakes? At what weight does my state or province require supplemental braking?

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