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Comments: Fits 1.5L Turbo Gas FWD, 1.6 Diesel FWD and 1.6 Diesel AWD only. For 2019 only, includes the 2.0L Turbo FWD and AWD.

1Baseplate Kit 523193-5

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Our baseplates allow you to attach a tow bar to your vehicle, adapting it for flat towing behind a motorhome.


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Bracket with arms installed
Front View

Entire View

Side View
Bracket with arms removed
Front View

Entire View

Side View
Tire Size: 225/65R17 Bar-mounted height: 15.75"

Note: Bar-mounted height may vary depending on submodel and/or tire size.

Replacement driver side arm: C002383
Replacement passenger side arm: C002383

Install time: 3 hours


  • Trimming of spoiler, air dam, bumper, grill or plastic fascia may be required on some models of this vehicle.
  • Trimming of the shock absorption pad, active air shutter or louver housing, lower air dam, air deflector, reinforcement, cowling and/or rock guard is required.
  • This is a direct-connect baseplate, to which any motorhome-mounted Roadmaster tow bar will attach. It neither uses nor will it accommodate Roadmaster's crossbar. As a result, there are no mounting points for Stowmaster tow bars, Guardians or Tow Defender part 4700. Tow Defender part 4750 will fit. In most cases, Roadmaster makes a crossbar version of this baseplate that will accommodate these products. Refer back to the fit guide to identify a crossbar version.

2Electrical Requirements

This category is for other useful information that we may know about this vehicle.

  1. Pull fuses?  NO
  2. Disconnect battery:  NO
  3. Drains battery when towing?  YES. Use Charge Line Kit 156-25.
  4. 12-Volt Outlet Kit required?  YES
  5. Color of brake light switch wire: OEM switch unusable. See Brake Light Switch section.
  6. Turn signal lighting is:  combined
  7. Can use Universal Wiring KitNo, this vehicle requires Smart Diodes. If the taillights are LED, use the 153789 kit. If they are incandescent, use 153782.
  8. Can use a Bulb and Socket Kit?  YES


  • Inspect the taillights. If you have incandescent bulbs, use Smart Diode Kit #153782. If you have LEDs, use Smart Diode Kit #153789.

3Brake Light Switch Kit

If the brake lights do not work with the towed vehicle's ignition key turned to the "tow" position, you need a brake light switch kit to provide a signal to the supplemental braking system. Roadmaster manufactures both vehicle-specific and universal brake light switch kits.


  • 751000
    Comments: This universal brake light switch fits all vehicles.
  • 751489
    Comments: This is a custom-fit brake light switch kit for this vehicle.

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If your vehicle drains the battery while towing, a FuseMaster can disconnect power to the fuses responsible for the drain.

FuseMaster Part(s):

  • Not Applicable

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5Seat Adapter

If you are installing a BrakeMaster supplemental braking system, you may need a seat adapter to mount it to your vehicle.

Note: the BrakeMaster mounting post is NOT included in the seat adapter kits.

SEAT ADAPTER (if applicable):

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6Supplemental Braking System

To be safe and legal, most states and Canadian provinces require a supplemental braking system for the towed vehicle.

Why do I need supplemental brakes? At what weight does my state or province require supplemental braking?

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